Studio Policies & Procedures


The majority of Glenwood Dance Studio classes are drop-in, with the exception of Performance Workshop and L.A. Style Salsa (which requires pre-registration).

Age Policy:

Glenwood Dance Studio currently only offers classes for adults. Our minimum age for students is 16 years old. Any students under 18 must have a parent/guardian sign a participation waiver.

Winter Weather Closing Policy:

For the safety of our students and staff, the studio will be closed if the weather prediction at the time of class includes a high temperature of below zero degrees, and/or a snowfall of more than seven inches (weather predictions will be taken from Closures will be announced on the GDS website and Facebook page no later than 10am the day of the cancelation.

What to expect when you arrive:

The studio opens 30 minutes before the first class of the day begins. In lieu of a receptionist, one of our volunteers will help you sign in and pay for your class or update your class card. If you are new to the studio, please try and come at least 10 minutes before your class starts to fill out a student registration form.

To help keep things clean, please remove your street shoes in the front waiting area before walking on the dance floor. You can store your things in the changing area at the back of the studio.

We have one unisex bathroom and a small changing area.

What to wear:

Glenwood Dance Studio does not have a formal dress code. In general, we suggest that students wear form-fitting athletic clothing they feel comfortable moving in. Shoes are also at the general discretion of the student–bare feet, socks or dance shoes are all acceptable. Additional class-specific suggestions are below:
Hip-Hop: Sneakers or tennis shoes are suggested, as long as they are clean. We have wipes available at the studio if you are wearing them from the street. Make sure to dress in clothing that makes you feel fabulous!
Ballet: Ballet slippers are highly encouraged for footwear, though socks or bare feet are also acceptable. Leotards and tights are optional.
Tap: Tap shoes are highly preferred, but hard-soled shoes are acceptable (particularly for new students who may not yet have tap shoes). We do have a selection of loaner shoes available.
Musical Theatre: Character shoes are often preferred, especially when we are doing specific styles such as classical Broadway and Fosse-inspired choreography. Jazz shoes or bare feet are also acceptable.

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