Glenwood Dance Studio

Sustaining Membership

Be a Studio Sustainer!

We all appreciate having a dance space in the community with high-quality teachers, a broad range of classes, reasonable fees and the convenience of drop-in classes. The reality is that these fees don’t always cover the bills. We’ve created an opportunity for members to make a monthly contribution to Glenwood Dance studio at whatever level they can afford.

Sustaining Membership Levels
$15 to $24 per month: name listed on our studio honor wall and special mention at studio events plus five “First Class Free” coupons to share with friends and family
$25 to $39 per month: the above including 10 “First Class Free” coupons plus two free Glenwood Dance Studio T-shirts
$40 to $100 or above per month: the above plus a photo and profile on our honor wall and in our monthly newsletter.

Make your pledge today!

By becoming a sustaining member of Glenwood Dance Studio you will be making a critical contribution to continue our mission of providing a warm and welcoming community for dancers to teach, learn, rehearse and perform in a supportive environment that appreciates the beauty in every dancer, no matter the shape, age, or skill level. You can fulfill your monthly pledge via PayPal, Chase Quick Pay, a monthly check, or whatever means works for you. Once you have pledged a studio member will contact you to set up the details. Make your pledge today! With a sustaining membership you will help ensure that at we can provide the same quality studio experience you’ve come to appreciate for months and years to come.

Glenwood Dance Studio is a non-profit corporation registered with the State of Illinois. We are in the process of applying for our federal 501(c)3 tax exempt status.