Glenwood Dance Studio

Get Moving with BeMoved!

Get moving with BeMoved dance fitness at Glenwood Dance Studio.

BeMoved is low-impact dance class for people of all ages and abilities that will leave you energized and refreshed! The class meets every Saturday from 11:00-noon and it is a drop-in class so you can start any time.

The class features different music genres every week so you could be dancing to gospel pop or roaring 20s or Frank Sinatra or Latin music or even Bollywood! There is no jumping and no floor work — the class is done standing — and it is a follow-along class so you always have someone to guide you. It is a fun class with lots of energy — you will love it!

Single classes are just $15 ($10 student/pro) or get our new student special — 5 classes for $40. Sign up one of three ways:

  1. Register at the studio when you come for class (please come 10 minutes early to do this)
  2. Click here to sign-up online.
  3. Sign up on your phone with the Mindbody App.

Check out these videos for an idea of what BeMoved is like: