Glenwood Dance Studio

Intermediate Modern

Join us Mondays 6:15-7:45 p.m. for Intermediate Modern with Brenna Pierson-Tucker.

This class is a blend of the classic codified techniques of Graham, Humphrey and Limon fused with the instructors own innate sense of movement. An emphasis is placed on the initiations and connections of movement, musicality and a sense of weight, all while focusing on an intelligent awareness of alignment and core structure. 

Classes typically begin on the floor then progress to warming up the upper back/arms, then moving on to the feet, legs and hips. Classes finish with a group combination that incorporates all the elements that were worked on throughout the class. Technique exercises are usually kept and developed throughout 3 weeks while combos are developed throughout 4-6 weeks.

In this video Brenna describes Intermediate Modern:

Brenna Pierson-Tucker describes her Intermediate Modern class.

These videos are an example of the class warm-ups:

Intermediate Modern floor warm-up.
Intermediate Modern warm-up.

This is an example of choreography from the Intermediate Modern class:

This is a drop-in classes so you can start any time. Single classes are just $15 ($10 student/pro) or get our new student special — 5 classes for $40. Sign up one of three ways:

  1. Register at the studio when you come for class (please come 10 minutes early to do this)
  2. Click here to sign-up online.
  3. Sign up on your phone with the Mindbody App.