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Why You Need Social Foxtrot!

When a slow dance song comes on, and you want to do more than just sway back in forth like in junior high, what do you do? The Foxtrot! Contrary to its name, the Foxtrot is actually a smooth, gliding dance that is perfect for slow songs. And we will be learning the social version — meaning it will be steps you can actually use on the dance floor, not the ballroom version that is only for competitions.

Beginning Social Foxtrot starts Friday September 14 and goes through October 12. No partner is required for this fun, friendly 5-week class. Students will be partnered up in class and will switch partners throughout the class. Instructor Brennen Renteria will teach you basic Foxtrot patterns and a lot of fun moves you can show off on the dance floor. The class builds session by session, so students should plan to take all five classes. If you can’t make it for the first class you can start week two, but after that the class is closed to new students. Single classes are $15 ($10 student/pro) or buy a 5-class card for $65 ($50 student/pro). If you are new to Glenwood Dance Studio try our new student offer — 5 classes for $40!

The class will meet Fridays from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. Sign up in advance by registering for the first class.

Check out the video below which gives you a very good idea of what you will be learning in class, then join us for Beginning Foxtrot!

Here is another look at what can be done with the Foxtrot:

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