New Online Class Fees Starting May 25

It seems that our online world is here to stay — for a while at least! People have been very generous with donations, but it is time for us to move back to class fees.  Starting Monday, May 25 fees for our online classes will be:

$15 Single Class Pass – Supporter
$10 Single Class Pass – Regular
$5 Single Class Pass – Limited Income

$65 Five Class Pass – Supporter
$40 Five Class Pass – Regular
$25 Five Class Pass – Limited Income

$150 Monthly Unlimited Pass – Supporter
$100 Monthly Unlimited Pass – Regular
$60 Monthly Unlimited Pass – Limited Income

You can sign up for classes and purchase class passes with the MindBody app or online at

If you prefer Venmo you can still do that to @Erin-DeWitt-GDS.

Before you take class:

1. Sign up for the classes you want to take. You can sign up with the MindBody app or at If you have not yet purchased a class pass it will ask you to do that. (Or Venmo us and we will add a pass to your account and then you can sign up for class.)

2. Go the the website for the Zoom link. You must be signed up on MindBody to be admitted to class. Zoom links are at:

Cancellation Policy

If you sign up for a class and then can’t come you can cancel at any time and use that class pass for a future class. Or if you forget to cancel and we don’t see you in class we will cancel for you and you can still use that class pass.

FAQs About the New Class Fees

Can I purchase these new class passes now?

Yes! They are available for sale, and can be used to sign up for classes that happen May 25 and after.

Are there deals for new students?

Yes! New students can get their first class free! 

What if I have an old, un-used class card?

We can keep it on file to use when we have in-person classes again, or you can email us at and we can put the value towards our new online class passes.

I’m technologically challenged! Help!

If you can’t figure out the new system just email us at with what classes you want to come to and we will sign you up! We are also happy to do a phone call or video call to walk you through all the steps.

What if I don’t like doing online payments?

You can mail a check for the amount of your class card to Glenwood Dance Studio. 7017 N. Glenwood Avenue, Chicago, IL 60626.

I already gave a donation to cover future classes.

No problem! Just email us at and we will apply it towards a class pass.

Where do I get the MindBody App?

Go to or search for MindBody in your app store and look for this logo:

Screenshots of the Mindbody App and Online Store

For a preview of what is to come check out these screenshots!

Signing up for classes with the MindBody App:

Signing Up for classes online at

Purchasing your class pass:

Then go to our website at to get the Zoom link. You must be already signed up in MindBody to be admitted to class.