Remembering Brenna

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On Thursday, November 5, 2020, beloved Glenwood Dance Studio teacher Brenna Pierson-Tucker passed away. She died peacefully at home with her dog Sophie at her side. She is survived by her husband, Chris Tucker, who is also a dancer and co-founder with Brenna of Esoteric Dance Company, her parents and siblings. We are all saddened by this loss.

Brenna devoted her life to the art of dance and shared her love of dance with all her students, the dance community, and anybody lucky enough to watch her perform. She brought laughter and her joyful energy to our studio and made us all feel like dancers and artists.

She first became part of our GDS family when she rented rehearsal space from us shortly after our founding in 2013, and she started teaching with us in January 2014. During her nearly seven years as a GDS teacher, she taught modern dance, all levels of ballet, as well as classical and modern partnering. She also choreographed several performance workshops for us that were presented at our annual Spring Dance Festival. During the pandemic, she started attending classes, becoming a regular in Social Dance and Sassy Heels.

This short video includes clips of Brenna in her role as GDS teacher:

You can read more about Brenna and her artistic history in this interview from 2018. You can learn more about her company, Esoteric Dance Project, here. We have also created a playlist of some of Brenna’s classes as well as works that she choreographed during her time with us.

In February 2021 we premiered a dance that was created by four of our students and choreographer Ginger Jensen to remember and celebrate the life of GDS teacher Brenna Pierson-Tucker, The dance starts with the dancers arriving one by one, like they would arrive for class, then the music starts and the move as though wanting to connect, but then being pulled back. Throughout the dance the choreography incorporates movements that Brenna used in her classes, and as each dancer does her solo section the others watched the way we often watch each other in classes, and the way Brenna would watch us to give notes and corrections. The video ends with photos of Brenna. You can watch the piece here:

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